Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Water Bottle Bracelets

I've been working on more project ideas for the women's retreat that I will be helping with in September.  One of the ladies in charge reminded me that the project will need to be simple because the ladies will want to do a lot of talking and will likely not pay attention to a bunch of different steps.  The burlap flowers are fairly simple, but I don't think they're simple enough for my audience.  Plus, they're kind of messy.  Our retreat is at a hotel on Mackinac Island, which means that we need to have something that won't make a mess for the staff to clean up, or worse, for us to be charged a fee for.

My next idea (and one that I'm pretty sure we'll go with) is water bottle bracelets. 

I like these first of all because they are a wonderful repurposing project.  The main things needed for them are a water bottle and repurposed fabric of some sort.  The peach one is from a T-shirt, and the white flowered one is from an old pair of pajama pants.

Secondly, they're simple.  All I did was cut the water bottle and wrap fabric around it, hot gluing a bit along the way.  I used a piece of velcro to make a closure for each bracelet.

Thirdly, many things can be done to embellish them.  With the peach one, I cut out ovals of various sizes and hot glued them on, one on top of the other.  For the flowered bracelet, I used a strip of the PJ fabric to make a rosette and then hot glued it.

And that's that.  I think I have a winner for the retreat.  I plan on showing the ladies in charge this week to get their input.

P.S.  Check out my previous post from ealier today.  A woman in my area is selling a vintage typewriter for $40 or best offer.  If you're interested, let me know, and I'll put you in contact with her.

I'm linking the bracelets here:

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