Friday, July 6, 2012

2nd Chance Wood Company

I drive by a business all the time when I'm doing errands, and the day I chose to stop in, I discovered what a treasure it is.  It's in the small town of Corunna, MI and is called 2nd Chance Wood Company.  It has only been open a little more than a year, but is already doing a lot of business.  The owners get wood from buildings that are being torn down and repurpose it into wonderful furniture and other creations.  When a person stops in for the first time, they give a tour of the facility, which is really cool.  I was able to see their supply of wood, including beautiful old doors and windows.  Then I was shown the various machines they use.  I was taken to the demonstration area that is used on Saturdays for people to come and watch a particular item being made.  I walked around their showroom and into Artisan Alley.  This is an area where local artists and antique dealers display items to sell.  I should have taken more of my own pics, but I'll copy a couple from their website so you can have a teaser of what they offer.  I encourage you to check them out yourself.  If you're ever in the Mid Michigan area, plan a tour for yourself.  You won't be disappointed.

Now I'll share with you a few of the pics I took while I was there.

The metal sculptures are made by DePeal Designs.  He had a photo album of all he has made.  He's super talented!

I love what they did with the old windows and a door in their showroom.  The door is hung horizontally on the wall.  The windows are suspended from the ceiling and wrapped with Christmas lights.

Another artist has made some creative birdhouses out of reclaimed wood and other found objects.  I love the golf themed one.

I always love seeing what other people are doing to repurpose things.  I would love to check out anything you are doing.  Leave a comment with a link to your blog, website, Facebook page, etc.

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