Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I haven't done any blogging in a few years.  I am beginning again because I want an avenue to share my adventures in making the old new.  I wouldn't consider myself a tree hugger or an extremely "green" person.  But I do love the idea of bringing new life to something that has outlived its original purpose (at least for its previous owner.)  And thanks to the Internet (especially Pinterest), my mind is running with possibilities for bringing new life to all sorts of things.  My eyes are always open, searcing for found objects to repurpose.  Plastic water bottles and spaghetti sauce jars are no longer tossed.  Beer bottles found while taking walks down the road near my house are kept.  I take notice of what people leave by the side of the road on garbage day and often stop for a closer look.  I stop at a lot more garage sales and make sure my eyes peruse the entire sale.  I roam antique malls and salvage shops.  I fully believe in the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Here are some goodies I found this weekend at a yard sale and two different stops at a church rummage sale.  I went back to the rummage sale right before it ended when the deal was "fill a bag for $1."  I'm sure glad I did!

These goodies came from my first stop at the rummage sale.  With the light fixture and candle, I'm thinking about making a dessert tray. I got a great deal on the whole box of crepe paper-$1.50!

This collection of wonderfulness was purchased at the end of the rummage sale.

This entire pile of shutters only set me back $5! I forgot to count them, but I'm sure there's at least 10 individual or sets of shutters.

I've found some great ideas for the crepe paper, embroidery hoops, and shutters.

Although this cupcake topper is made with tissue paper, I think it could just as easily be made from crepe paper.


  1. Welcome back, I guess. Right? And I love the shutters ... what a serious score!

    And thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog!



    1. Thanks Linda! Yes, the shutters are fabulous.


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