Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Playing at my husband's office

It was super-duper hot yesterday (what's new, right?) and we don't have AC in the house we're renting.  But my husband's office does!  That's where I hung out to beat the heat.  I brought a craft bag with me to keep me occupied when I didn't want to blog hop or read my book. 
I was inspired to make flowers from hymnal pages after making the bird featured by Stephanie Lynn at Under the Table and Dreaming.  You can see my version of the bird in the display that is part of my blog header.
 I first found the flower shape I wanted to use with my Photoshop Elements program.  I printed it, traced it onto a piece of cereal box, then traced and cut out a bunch of flowers onto hymnal pages.

Each flower has three layers.  The bottom two layers are glued together in the center (only.)  I used glitter glue to decorate the top layer.  I bought the glitter glue at the Dollar Tree.  It might not offer as much glitter as other methods, but I like how it has turned out.

 I glued the top layer to the other layers in the center.  I wrapped the petals of each layer around the skewer, starting at the tips, to curl them.  Then I glued each flower to a skewer.

 And tada, here we have this fabulous hymnal flower arrangement.


  1. I love your paper garden! Pinned it!

  2. So charming!! Stopping by from Romantic Home~ would love for you to come share at Feathered Nest Friday sometime too!

  3. Simple cool idea. Thanks! Stopping by from blissfully domestic. I'm following you now and I'd love to have stop by my blog


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