Thursday, July 19, 2012

Repurpose those veggies!

I just received a link to an article titled Solutions for Overripe Veggies.  It has recipes for nearly gone cucumbers and tomatoes.  I've never thought about my passion for repurposing extending into the kitchen, but I guess sometimes it does.  My husband and I hate to waste food.  Most of the time we (mostly he) eat everything right away.  Occasionally life gets ahead of us, and the produce sits untouched.  These recipes sound like great ways to use those overripe cukes and tomatoes.

Thinking more about this, I decided to look up other ideas for clearing out the produce drawer without tossing the food into the garbage.  You could send it to the compost pile, which would be a great way to repurpose it.  But if you want to eat it, consider dehydrating it or finding other recipes.  There are a plethora of great recipes for bananas.  I also found this recipe for canteloupe sherbet, which sounds really good on a hot summer day (which most of the U.S. seems to be having.)  I typed "ripe" into the search field at and came up with 890 options.  I'm sure you'll find something you like if you check it out.

Go repurpose that produce!

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